The MAGNETIC TOOL VEST from RYANETIC INDUSTRIES is an Innovation through experience, field tested since 2012.

Easing the amount of labor and effort in all the trades that have tried it thus far.
You’ll Be Glad You Chose Us

Engineered to reduce back pain and stress on the body, normally associated by the use of tool belts. The vest efficiently and securely holds tools and hardware while freeing up your hands to perform your task more efficiently.

Also, works alongside with your tool belt or safety harness.

Don’t be disappointed with cheap imitations, Magnetic Tool Vest is made with quality and by one of the most experienced professionals in the field of Police & Military Equipment since 1984.

Quick shipment turn around with tracking number coast-to-coast Canada and the United States.

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magnetic tool best fit to size
Easy to wear and flexible, comfortably fits a large diversity of body types
Rear Tool Holder Accommodates tools with belt clips. Removable by 4 nuts and 4 bolts for machine wash.